Although the beginning of the season full of confidence , but in Mazar Inter Milan [ microblogging ] nice first season is not so pleasant , the league just stumbled currently ranked in the first five , and can not be optimistic that in Mazari Inter Milan 's first season may be his last season at Inter Milan .

Italian sports media authority , " Gazzetta dello Sport " and " Corriere dello Sport" have made the same report , that is, cheap jerseys wholesale if Mazari not get the cup-tied , led Inter Milan next season , For Sale Cheap Wholesale Jerseys From China Free Shipping he will end the season after being Club dismissal.

The current situation for Inter Milan are also very serious, after the last round of last-minute draw with Livorno , Inter Milan plot is currently ranked fifth in the league 49 points , while in the area of the cheap jerseys for sale war in Europe , but behind the Parma difference of 2 points, 3 points difference in Atlanta , Lazio difference of 4 points cheap jerseys free shipping , even ranked 11th of AC Milan [ microblogging ] from Inter Milan is but seven points behind , and therefore must not be lost .

Then there are seven games , opponents are Inter Milan to Bologna , Sampdoria , Parma , Napoli , AC Milan , Lazio , Chievo [ microblogging ] . As can be seen , Inter Milan closing stages of the race league called the devil , in addition to such strong opponents in Naples , Parma , AC Milan , Sampdoria , cheap jerseys from china Inter Milan and other teams are eligible to compete for a direct rival WWI .

" Gazzetta dello Sport " with " Corriere dello Sport ," the statement pretty sure that once the war in Europe , Inter Milan next season, then missed the new master Xituoxier will certainly be dismissed Mazari , when Inter Milan this summer's main task will be more than Find out coach .

As soon as the class Mazari who will be selected as the Inter Milan coach , the Italian media has given a list of candidates , including Mihajlovic , Frank - De Boer , Michelle - Laudrup and Levin Leonardo .


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