33 -year-old with 32 -year-old Casey Weidenfeller at the Bernabeu stadium encounter, the two men had nothing in common , but it left a warm moment in this war Dott Real Madrid game . After the game , the two praised each other a thumbs up thumbs , between legend with the legend .

Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid last time Dortmund , Casey Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho was then placed in the bench . Real Madrid captain watched this team was eliminated Dott eventually embrace tears Ramos , this moment became the Champions League last season, warm scene. This time, Casillas became the Champions League with Real Madrid 's King's Cup starting goalkeeper , he is still 15 years before as he guarded the goal as Real Madrid , conscientious, following the King's Cup Real Madrid reached the King's Cup final, Champions League also broke into the Top 8 , Top 4 is also now in sight .

Casey in this season 's performance is very stable in the Cup , he created the longest of his career clean sheet record of 952 minutes , which is the longest history of Real Madrid Club clean sheet record. Casey also played in the game to play magic , when the first leg against Schalke 04 , who saved Draxler kick close to break wholesale jerseys cheap eventually let him kick a seminal record termination also shot, Huntelaar shot called no solution.

Real Madrid beat Borussia Dortmund 3-0 at home , Casey made ​​several brilliant saves . Gross Kreutz half saved the long-range kick , the second half blocked Royce a counterattack, Casey threw the whole game , Dortmund wholesale jerseys free shipping also grab a few sporadic counterattacks , trying to create a threat Unfortunately, met an in-form Real Madrid goalkeeper and defense tight defense wholesale jerseys china . Real Madrid 3-0 final score will be maintained until the end of the harvest zero Lowest Prices Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap Supply Free Shipping closure Casey again .

Madrid is not calm in recent weeks . Real Madrid because the league Liangbai 3-4 Sevilla 1-2 Barcelona , Madrid media and fans are calling to let Casey back league debut , allowing Diego - Lopez off the bench, but Ancelotti is not the move, he still insisted , " Diego - Lopez hit Casey playing league + cup " strategy. Real Madrid fans even in the race for Diego - Lopez booed , but the name of the nickname " octopus " Lopez resisted the pressure , in the 5-0 victory over Rayo Vallecano game to maintain zero closure .

Casey compared Diego - Lopez is lucky. 32 -year-old Casey also go to the World Cup in Brazil , but the 32 -year-old Diego - Lopez has not entered Bosque sight. While the rest Valdes injured seven months, but many people believe that Spain in the World Cup three goalkeeper Iker Casillas , Pepe Reina and Degea . Spain has always been Degea fourth goalkeeper.

33 -year-old Weidenfeller is rewarding players, Real Madrid the 20 -foot shot hit the field 12 times , hanging open Weidenfeller demonstrated their performance . C Lo with Bell wonderful kick saved by him , Pepe Ramos with his header was resolved , C Luo Bell with a small angle shot was denied him , Weidenfeller is definitely the busiest race player, his brilliant saves time and time again memorable . wholesale jerseys supply Real Madrid scored three goals, you can not find reason to blame him. Recall that last season's semi-finals , Weidenfeller saved Ozil had a pole , helping Dortmund win the match.

But until last year for the first time Weidenfeller selected German national team, is also only played once , can participate in the World Cup is also a doubt . Because Germany does not lack good goalkeeper , Bayern goalkeeper Neuer goalkeeper is well deserved , but behind Adler, Ur , Teershite roots excellent goalkeeper. However Weidenfeller low posture more freely , "If I can go to Brazil , I am of course very happy , even as the number two goalkeeper , I will certainly support behind Neuer hundred percent of his ."

Today football haunted noisy , before each spray of saliva, after the game against each other , like Casey each scene with Weidenfeller Shudamuzhi rare . They admire each other on the field , the next field to witness this scene is undoubtedly the fans happy .


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