Who We Are

At the Tec Team, we are a customer-oriented flavor development company.  With over 30 years of experience in the flavor industry, we’ve seen shortcomings that traditional flavor companies have and tried to improve our processes to best suit you, the customer.

Entrepreneurs Welcome

We welcome customers of all sizes. Many larger flavor companies have minimum orders that hinder small companies and start ups from getting off the ground. You won’t have that problem with the Tec Team. We are glad to develop your flavor without a minimum orders and our flavorists will be directly available to discuss your flavor and offer their expertise.

The Tec Team Flavors

Meet Our Flavorists

Garry Conklin

Garry stumbled into the flavor industry while pursuing a chemistry degree. What began as a temporary role as a Flavor Chemist assistant, became a life long career spanning over 33 years. During his 17 years at Dragoco, he was trained in every aspect of flavor development and production, eventually reaching the position of Chief Flavor Chemist for North America.


Garry then accepted a position of Director of Flavor Research at IFF. After serving in this role for 5 years, he started the Tec Team in 2006 and currently serves as its President and Chief Flavorist.



Joe DiBenedetto

Joe began his career in the flavor industry as a laboratory technician at Firmenich in 1983. During his 10 years there, he was trained as a classical flavorist and specialized in savory flavors. Joe has served as a Senior Flavor Chemist for Campbell Soup, Dragoco and IFF.


Just prior to joining the Tec Team, Joe also served as a Senior Research Flavorist at IFF and is now Vice President and Chief Flavorist Savory for the Tec Team.



Choose the Tec Team

Low Minimum Orders

We don’t make you order large quantities to work with us. We value customers of all sizes.

Direct Access

As a customer, you have direct access to our flavorists. We can guide you and work together to get the exact flavor you are looking for.

Quick Delivery

Long lead times typical to the flavor industry are not an issue with the Tec Team. Discover how easy it can be to work with us.

We would love to work with you

Tell us about your product or idea and we’ll reach back out to you shortly.