The Tec Team understands that consumers today desire custom products. We don’t believe that off-the-shelf flavors are the best approach to make your products stand apart in the marketplace. We invite you to contact our flavorists and receive a flavor customized to meet your specific needs.

Our approach to custom flavors creation ensures you will get the right flavor customized for your process. No need to waste time testing flavors that are clearly not designed for your application. Whether you are an entrepreneurial start-up or an established corporation, you deserve the best flavor for your product.


Lower Minimum Orders

The Tec Team welcomes small orders. We understand that new product launches do not always require large flavor quantities. We know that flexible order policies are better for your bottom line and better for the environment.

Direct Access

Our unique approach brings us closer to our clients than traditional flavor suppliers. Our flavorists are available to answer your flavor questions directly. Our experience can help you to avoid the time consuming mistakes often seen from standard one size fits all submissions.

Quick Delivery

The Tec Team is dedicated to bring fast customer service to the flavor industry. We do not have the long lead times so common in the flavor industry. If you are tired of waiting six to eight weeks for your flavor, contact the Tec Team to experience how easy it can be to work with a flavor company.

Savory Flavors

We invite you to sample our savory creations. We have a large range of flavors from chicken and beef to roasted vegetables. We have a range of clean label, non-GMO, vegetarian options available to meet the needs of your consumers. If you want to create the next great soup, sauce, gravy, entrée or side dish contact us.

Sweet Flavors

The Tec Team has extensive experience flavoring a wide variety of sweet goods. Let us show you how excellent your cake, cookie or pudding can taste with the right flavor. Even if you’re developing a low glycemic index, low carb or sugar-free version of a current product, like syrup, candy or pie filling, the Tec Team has solutions.

Beverage Flavors

If you have a thirst to bring your idea to market, trust that the Tec Team is ready to develop your unique flavor. We have experience in creating flavors for no and low-calorie beverages. We have a variety of fruit flavors to meet your requirements, whether natural, non-GMO , 95% organic compliant, alcohol-free or kosher/pareve.

Nutraceutical Flavors

Sometimes the next big idea comes from the most entrepreneurial company. The Tec Team is up to the task of developing flavors for these challenging systems. We’ve proven that a better tasting fish oil, vitamin mix, protein drink, mineral & herbal supplement is possible. We have created systems to mask or blend with the unusual flavors of supplements like soy protein.